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Premium Oils which are ideal for woodturners and cabinet makers alike. Mylands Wood Finishing Oil combines the hard wearing properties of tung oil with other quality oil resins to provide a tough finish resistant to alcohol, water and heat. Mylands Finishing Oil is suitable for all interior woodwork, especially kitchen or bathroom work surfaces, tables and other furniture which are in constant use. It is also suitable as a high quality exterior (teak) wood oil for garden furniture or wooden features.

Mylands Danish Oil

Danish Oil is general purpose. If in doubt as to what to choose, this is the one that will suit most projects well and can also be used outside.

Mylands Wood Finishing Oil

Wood Finishing Oil has a higher solids content,meaning a higher lustre can be built up with successive applications and it has a higher resistance to marking for moisture.

Mylands Wood Finishing Oil Matt

Matt Finishing Oil is great for use on projects where a low lustre finish is required and is ideally suited to wipe on, leave for five minutes, then wipe off the excess method of application.


Mylands Oil Finishes are available at wood working stores and also online!

Available in 500ml